The Fear of What Other People Think


PRISON. That is where you’ll be if you live your life enslaved to what other people think. I say enslaved because that is exactly what you are- a slave to their opinions. And listen to me loud and clear- YOU HAD A PURPOSE BEFORE ANYBODY HAD AN OPINION. We live in a time where every second of our lives are plastered onto some app or social media platform, inviting comments and counting the amount of likes the world thinks we deserve. Do you realize how exhausting it is to live our lives in constant wonder of what people think of us? Ain’t NOBODY got time for that. We’ve got a lifetime of freedom and adventure waiting for us, unhindered by people’s opinions!

Want to know the recipe for disaster? Trying to be someone that we are not. Want to know the recipe for being fearless? Walking with confidence in who you were created to be. Being authentic will always speaks what words can not. And as far as I’m concerned, women who changed the world were never intimidated by the thoughts of others. Let us be people who sprint so passionately after the things of God that we don’t have time to even consider the thoughts that others have toward us. Let us be people who never stop dancing with the truth that we were created for such a time as this! By being the people God created you to be, you are inviting others to do the same. And that my friends is an anthem worth singing about!

We overcome this fear by ingraining into our spirits what God says about us. You can be confident in the fact that Jesus went to the cross for YOU. This confidence allows us to live in our calling without fearing what other people think about us. We won’t have to share every detail of our lives on social media because we will feel confident in ourselves and rely on the affirmation of God. Another important aspect of overcoming this fear is to transform the way you think about other people. Often, the way we think about others reflects something deep in our hearts that needs to be addressed. When we think about others through a lens of grace, we allow the same for ourselves.

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