Eager and Hopeful Living


“Live a life eager and hopeful, every day” I heard Him say as I was driving recently.

I started to think about my life, what this might look like on a daily basis. I have a tendency to live by my to do lists, going from one to the next, finding so much accomplishment in crossing things off that list. In the midst of this, especially in this season of motherhood, where life can feel routine and mundane often, I feel a new call to live in eager expectation of every day, to find Him in new ways. From driving my kids to school, to washing my floors and doing dishes, in playdates and at coffee with friends, and at the grocery store and everything in between. These are the altars we are building to Him, the tiny moments that are building our lives.  We look and long for the mountain top, but I hear Him saying “It’s right here, today, don’t miss all of the goodness I have tucked away in today.” We are all called to so many stunning things in life, ones that are far bigger than anything we can even imagine, moments that will be seen by many and millions that will never be seen by anyone other than Him. I’m full of expectation and excitement for every single way that He will use me, the big and beautiful ones, but also friends, in the million moments in between those. These are holy moments, sacred spaces for our hearts to find Him in.

He’s redefining a radical life in my heart, not about what I am ‘doing’ and ‘producing’, but mainly about my heart posture, and living my life eager and hopeful each day. I’m growing in my ability to see Him in my days, in every crack and conversation. May we learn how to build our alters, every day, to the King of Kings, no matter what your daily life looks like, praying that you would wake up eager to find Him, expectant that He IS using you!

The search for greatness will never be satisfied by looking around. He’s crowned you with beauty, with a calling and a destiny, with gifts and passions since before you were born, and I believe the Father is wanting to show us who we are each and every moment of our life. Where you are today, the moments that are making up your days are no mistake, there is purpose and beauty He is wanting to reveal. The enemy wants nothing more than to get us out of our present, but this is where Jesus is asking for our full attention, so He can do what only He can do.

Expectant means to be eager and hopeful that something is about to happen; may we be the ones known for living a life of contentment, yet eager every day to see Him, to find Him, to share Him, and watch the miraculous unfold in the most unexpected places.

With Confidence,

Sarah Little

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