Ebie Hepworth 

Chief Dreamer + Co-founder

Ebie Hepworth is an amazing lover of people and has an ability to lead people in vulnerability and humility in a way that changes lives. Her vulnerable and relatable heart has allowed her to encourage countless women across the globe. Ebie served Wipe Every Tear, an organization bringing freedom and restoration to women trafficked in the sex trade, for 5 years, giving her a front row seat to redemption. She transitioned out of Wipe Every Tear in the spring of 2018 to began building Fearless Co full-time. She has co-written a 30 day devotional, Fearless Girl, and is in the process of writing her second book.

Ebie is passionate about gathering together around the table, cultivating healthy family, fighting for justice and freedom, and speaking identity and truth into women.

She is a wife to her incredible husband, Zac, and a mama to their two beautiful children, Birdie and Asa. When Ebie isn’t at home with her family in Boise, Idaho, you can find her with a book in her hand drinking a venti black iced tea with 4 pumps of classic.


Esther Gualtieri

Co-founder + Director of Partnerships

Esther Marie is passionate about helping girls find freedom from fear and discovering their true identity. Her extensive background in youth outreach, mentorship and anti-human trafficking initiatives led her to create Fearless Girl in 2013 as a tool to inspire a life of adventure and purpose for young women.

A writer, surfer and entrepreneur, you can catch her riding waves or on shore eating tacos. Esther lives in Dana Point, California and is currently finishing her bachelors degree in ministerial leadership.


Anjel Murphy

Director of Communications

Anjel Murphy is known for her radiant joy and will win any heart over within 10 seconds with her vulnerability. Since she was a little girl, Anjel has held a deep appreciation for connection and communication. Her heart’s desire is to discover the deepest dreams, fears, and thoughts of the people she meets and speak truth into their life. Anjel hosts the Fearless Co. podcast, Fearless Talk, where she is able to amplify the visions of stories of others. She is honest, hilarious, and relentless in the pursuit of freedom- for herself and others. 

Anjel lives in Boise, Idaho with her hilarious and incredibly talented husband, Matt, and their perfect labradoodle, Bailey. When Anjel is not recording Podcast, she’s writing, eating, laughing, and likely looking forward to a nap. 


Katelyn Nix


Chief Storyteller

Katelyn Nix’s passion for global travel and storytelling has brought her around the world in only a few years. Working with the least, last and lost and calling their true identity as seen, known, and loved. She’s easy to be found sitting on the floor drawn close to the community around her, gathering people together to experience life in unity.

She has years of experience in videography, photography, graphic design and all things creative. She is passionate about using art & entrepreneurship as a carrier of the Gospel and exists to create beautiful media that meets fingertips on all platforms.

A true lover of all things risky, she is always looking to explore new frontiers and try new things any chance she gets. She’s often found in odd places around the world bringing everyday people into the journey via storytelling. She’s probably drinking a smoothie, humming a new tune or running a few miles before starting her day.


Sarah Little

Executive Assistant

Sarah is passionate about seeing women walk in the fullness of who they were created to be. She is excited to see a generation of women living free of comparison, compromise, and fear and walk in a new freedom of who Jesus has called them to be, invading every sphere with His love. 

She met her husband Chris in missions and has a heart for the nations which has taken them many places. She’s a mama to two beautiful little girls, Charlie and Haven. She loves to write and is probably drinking way too much coffee every day. 

Sarah and her family live in Boise, Idaho. Their family pursues community and friendship with an intention like no other. Sarah is known for calling out the gold in everyone she is around and for coming alongside the dreamers with a voice and hands ready to work.