Season 2 Episode 1- Surrender in The Hand Off

Season 2 Episode 1

Title: Surrender in the Hand Off

Guest- Esther Gualteri

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Description:

In this episode you’ll be hearing from the Co-Founder of Fearless Co., Esther. Esther unpacks the concept of transition, and how to do it with honor and surrender. Esther shares how the last decade of her life has been a series of transitions and the different treasures she has found along the way. 

Episode Summary:

Esther dives into her story, how she was raised in the Church and knew at a young age that she was called to ministry, specifically called to pour into young women. Esther went to Bible college and pursued full time ministry that led her to California to be a part of the A21 campaign. She worked on the personal end and helped nanny which transformed her season. When she was living in California the Lord gave her the vision for her first ministry. She had published a book and had many dreams stirring in her heart for young women.  She was connecting with young surfers and saw a deep need for wholeness, community, and connection in these women. It naturally turned into a beautiful community of women they called Fearless Girls, which helped many girls through many seasons, transition, and created community that was desperately needed and longed for. Some of these women didn’t know Jesus yet, she saw how the Lord used surfing to bring them together that gave her the opportunity to show these women the love of Jesus. Esther could feel the weight of what the Lord was calling her into through this season. Her vision was beautiful and big, and she always knew that she was ready when the Lord would call her. 

Her and Ebie connected soon after this and began to write the Fearless Girl book, filming a course, and creating an organization that would continue to reach many women. Esther recently finished school and was giving Ebie the reigns to continue with Fearless Co and rebrand it. 

It was a beautiful season of surrender for Esther to see how Jesus has used that. She talks about amazing it has been to see the testimonies, the community and team that has come out of that surrender.  In this last year and a half Fearless Co has been re-birthed, it has a new look, sound, expression and sense of community. It has broadened the spectrum for women to find a place of belonging. 

These last two years Esther has been stripped of her source of identity being productive and working so hard, she has really found her place of knowing who she is and who her Father is. She talks about how the goal to a happy life is staying in the sweet space of daughter-ship with Him. She is currently in transition of stepping into Fearless Co full-time and is so excited. Esther is currently in Florida and waiting to see where the Lord will call her next.

In this episode Esther shares her heart on how to transition into new seasons well, treasures she has found along the way in the various roles she has had the honor of serving in, and the importance of loving people well along the way.