Season 2 Episode 2- Trimming the Fat

Season 2 Episode 2

Title: Trimming the Fat

Guest: Anjel Murphy

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth


Episode Description:

This summer Anjel shares about an opportunity she had this summer to interview 10 people in different spheres of influence but little did she know that one of these interviews would inspire her to quit 3 of her jobs and transition into a dream job that she had written off for years. She unpacks the last few years of being hunkered down by tasks and fueled by making money. She shares the journey of “trimming the fat” these last few months and all that she has learned in the process.


Episode Summary:

“I’m going to be honest, I have always seen myself as extraordinary and assumed I was too good for a ‘common’ job.”


“What I heard when this guy told me that they had no doubt that I would be successful what I heard was “You’re going to be successful in finding peace, joy, and rest.”


“For the first time in 2 years, I feel like I am resetting.”


“What is scary is that I am really good at grinding but I know grinding is not a sustainable environment for peace.”


“For too long, fear drove every single move that I made.”


“I’m a firm believer you should try new things and say yes, but I am also a firm believer in creating boundaries and making those decisions for new opportunities from a place of rest.” 


“I started the process of trimming the fat in my work life and it came down to choosing wholeness and hope versus fear and grinding?”



“What has saying yes to all of these jobs brought me? It brought me money but it has taken everything else.”

“Did I pursue all of these jobs at the expense of being able to have a family? Just that thought was really terrifying to me.”

“I had pursue money in exchange for what God told me I would be, which was a mom. And I felt guilty for that.”


“Me being a slave to fear came with a lot of external  reward. It came with a lot of money and stuff I could show off but it took my deepest desire, and that was to be a mom.”

“Since I have walked away from striving and serving fear, I feel my health has become a priority. Spiritual health, physical health, health overall.”

“The art of slowing down is not an easy thing and is not always fun but is always worth it.”

“I see a lot of this previous season of my life like that part in Finding Nemo when  he says to his son “You think you can do these things Nemo but you just can’t.” 

“For a long time, revenge is what fueled me. And the scary part is revenge can be really powerful ”

“Being fueled by revenge is being fueled by a big ego.”

“It all comes back to Identity.”

“It’s not a matter of where you go, it is a matter of being with the Father in it.”

“My nature is to run, and thankfully my husband is not.”

“My husband has really been an anchor in the crazy transition season.” 

“Transition will  always unhealthy when you don’t know your identity.”