Episode 20- A Praying Mother


Episode 20: A Praying Mother

Co- Hosts: Pam Buller


This is the third episode of ‘Fearless Mama’ series. Pam Buller, a mother of 9, has redefined the role of mother with her undying love for her children. After she and her husband moved to Liberia, Africa to pursue their family like never before, Pam discovered a new responsibility in her motherhood.

Motherhood is a sacrifice, responsibility, and an honor spent on your eyes in total surrender to God. And while life’s circumstances might feel overwhelming, we have the opportunity to mother with Holy Spirit has our closest partner. As mothers, the sacrifice requires so much of our strength and energy- strength and energy that sometimes we don’t believe we have. But with the Holy Spirit, we can cling to what he know to be ours; we can cling to peace, strategy, joy, hope, and comfort.

There is so much pressure to be the perfect mother, but so much of that is a distraction. Really, we just have to obey Jesus. Our obedience is the one ingredient that we can offer Jesus in our lifetime; we will fail- day after day- but when we obey Jesus, we are choosing to partner with Heaven rather than partner with our ways.

Obedience is what allows to step into our purpose. Without obedience, we live the life we believe we deserve. But when we are obedient, and we submit to Jesus- that is where we see miracles happen.

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