Episode 14- Burning Out With Good Intentions

Episode 14

Title: Burning Out With Good Intentions

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Summary:

This episode features Anjel’s and Ebie’s experiences in the first three months of launching Fearless Co. From the beginning, the vision of Fearless Co. was big- bigger than us and bigger than anything we thought we could do. But we believed that as long as we were showing up to the occasion, God would give us the grace and strength to operate Fearless Co.. and while we did our best to invite the Holy Spirit into every part of the process, we found ourselves ignoring the very clear signs of burnout. To us, burnout looked like exhaustion, doubt, chaos, resentment, and a lack of creativity. We found ourselves striving more and more, and while we were experiencing supernatural favor and opportunities, other significant priorities in our lives began suffering because of our lack of boundary setting and planning. Don’t get us wrong, it was great and we never once wanted to stop, but it was hard to find balance.

It wasn’t until a trip to The Holy Land that we realized we had been ignoring God’s call to rest and reset for far too long. It was during this time that God revealed three necessary changes that we needed to implement if we wanted to be successful in our lives and his purpose for our lives. We needed to know our priorities and boundaries and we needed to pause and reset anytime God told us to. We realized that while these things were elementary, they would be the very things that success (in life, relationship, and ministry) would hinge on.

We are learning so very much in this process and we can’t wait to see what God will do with Fearless Co.. Knowing that he’s been so good without striving makes us so excited to see what He will do with our best. We are so thankful for the tenderness of Jesus- for how he revealed himself and his desires for our lives to us in the season, and for what he’ll continue to teach us every step of the way. Here’s to all that’s to come!!


Episode Notes:

You can tell you are striving when you find yourself putting your first priority in the last place. You will begin to feel the weight of exhaustion more than the freedom of grace. Unless your energy is flowing from a genuine and authentic place in your heart, then you may be making things the wrong priority. 

Know that what you’re doing requires a sense of honor. If you’re doing something without honor, the purpose will be destructive. And when you do something with honor, you need to recognize that whatever you’re doing needs attention to details, systems, expectations, and boundaries. If you are not paying attention to the little things, then the big thing that you’re doing will ultimately become destructive and burnout will come. 

Creating and working from a peaceful place requires having been in a restful place. Give yourself the opportunity to come to Jesus and reset your priorities. That means saying no to the things that you are bitter and resentful towards, saying yes to time with The Holy Spirit, and saying thank you to the places that God redeems in your life.

A reset is not a “water-break.” A reset is a deep and hard look at your priorities. 

The presence of The Lord is water to a burnt out and dry heart.

 The only thing that will truly satisfy a thirsty heart is Jesus. And it has to be a holy and intentional pursuit because unless you’re making clear time for Jesus, life will get in the way and burnout will come.   

Seasons of grit and grind and burnout allow us to re-prioritize Jesus as our focus. God will use those seasons to re-introduce himself to you- but you have to choose Him when the time comes.

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