Episode 17- Invitation To A Great Marriage

Co-host: Zac Hepworth

Episode Description:

This episode features the first of many Fearless Co. men, Zac Hepworth. After unpacking Ebie’s perspective of marriage in Episode 16, Zac shared his perspective. You’ll notice very quickly that Zac’s perspective- while different from Ebie’s- required much of the same surrendering to Jesus with a common goal of unity and victory. This episode is full of a rich perspective that proclaims God’s purpose and plans for marriage over the very real temptations of selfishness. Through recognizing one’s humanity and God’s perfect plan for covenant, Zac shares marriage from his perspective.

Episode Summary:

 Marriage is a journey of unity; through rough waters and stillness; moments of transparency and depth and moments of chaos and fear- navigating uncharted waters seems daunting but is fully worth your pursuit.

Marriage is a beautiful and difficult process; you’re welcomed to discover the best version of yourself but you also find yourself up against moments where the worst version of yourself is tempted to come out.

During the discovery parts of marriage- the parts where you realize that you are not all perfect- you may struggle to be around your spouse. Rather than feeling safe, you begin to feel exposed and vulnerable. It’s okay to stumble through that season, as long as you know that you are in it together.

 When it comes to dreams and finding trust with your partner, it will likely require something different from a man than it will a woman. For example, you may be an excited dreamer with wild plans to see Kingdom come. You partner’s encouragement and support of that may look very different from snowballing ideas- it may look like questions and planning and investigating. Make intentional space to their ways of support and dreaming and invite their ways of encouragement in and watch as you both go further together.

 Disagreement within marriage does not mean that your partner is against you. Your partner is their own person- they have opinions and questions and dreams and desires. When there is a disagreement- or there is distance- humble yourself and extend a hand towards unity instead of believing that they are against you.

Marriage is a servant love. It will confront your selfishness and your own desires. And when you extend grace in the way that you need to show grace, there is room for a deep and safe friendship to grow.

 While marriage is a covenant between God, you, and your spouse, it can be strengthened by a trusted and honest community. Life will get difficult, but with the protection of a trusted community, you’ll discover that they had the insight to see things coming that you never anticipated- and they will be willing to take the hit so you don’t have to.

It is so beautiful to recognize that your covenant is made up of pillars; pillars of people, pillars of faith, pillars of your unique marriage’s purpose. The pillars of your marriage give you a framework for your purpose and direction and identity.

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