Episode 15- Family by Faith

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Episode 15

Title: Family By Faith

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Summary:

Ebie Hepworth had always dreamt of having a big family. From the time she was little, she would imagine her life with children from all around the world. When she got married in 2014, Ebie and her husband, Zac, had created an exciting 5-year plan full international travel and missions. But much to their surprise, Ebie got pregnant just six months into their marriage.

The joy of their first pregnancy was overwhelming but quickly took a turn when Ebie began bleeding. Doctors and specialist told her she would be fine, but when Ebie began losing more and more blood, it was clear that something was wrong. After numerous tests, she learned the heartbreaking reality that she was experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. Tragically, Ebie lost her first child at nine weeks.

What followed was a season of immense heartbreak. But it was in that broken and stunning place that Ebie understood the depth of God is close to the brokenhearted.

Having experienced the hope and thrill of starting their family, Zac and Ebie decided to revisit their original 5-year plan when they felt a yearning to began building their family again- this time, through adoption.

While the idea of international adoption seems daunting to some, it was a journey filled with peace for Zac and Ebie. They knew that God had invited them to do something big- something many believed was impossible- but they had said yes. And they were full of faith that God would create a strong family with yes’s.

After 19 long months of payments, grant applications, home studies, and traveling to the other side of the world, Zac and Ebie met the two most perfect children who were waiting to join their family: Esther Birdwell and Asa Kingsman.

 Just as God has promised, he had set the orphans in a home; He had beautifully built a family on faith and obedience.

To see the earliest days of Zac and Ebie and Birdie and Asa, check their video below!

To see the earliest days of Zac and Ebie and Birdie and Asa, check their video below!

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