Episode 10- Fearless Mama Introduction

Episode 10

Title: Fearless Mama Mantra

Host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Description:

In this episode Fearless Co. introduces ‘Fearless Mama’ a podcast series we are starting with monthly episodes venturing into the conversion of motherhood. This series is not exclusive to only women who are mother’s but will be a space where Fearless Co. discusses the importance of pouring into generations beneath us. In this episode you will hear Co Founder and Chief Dreamer, Ebie Hepworth share her journey into motherhood and some treasures she has found in the process.

Episode Notes:

“My hope for this series is that we awaken the bravery that is already inside every mother”

“A fearless mama recognizes her individual story as powerful and unique.”

“Dreams given from God always require sacrifice.”

“You start getting creative when God puts wild dreams in your life.”

“My season of venturing into motherhood, I remember getting people on the journey with us, as if we were boarding the titanic, and those that decided to dock on the adventure with us from the beginning were going to be the ones that had the privilege of arriving destination beside us.”

“I dream of seeing the culture of mothers shift from shooting arrows at each other to shielding each other.”

“When I first heard the Lord tell me I would raise a generation of Fearless Mama’s I thought it would be surrounded around my role as an adoptive mom, but through my journey I have learned that my journey of being a fearless mama, is actually my journey of resting as a daughter.”

“For a long time I saw grace as this supernatural joy and that whatever I was walking through was automatically made easy. But I am learning grace looks a lot like grit sometimes. And I’m learning even more, it takes a lot of grit to keep saying yes instead of using the empty excuse of fear and at the end of the day that is grace, and that is what being a fearless mama looks like.”

“My inheritance is my children’s inheritance. As a mother, I don’t have room in my life for fear. If I am living in fear, I am breeding fear into my children’s lives. And if my children have fear they will live bonded to fear rather than freedom. My freedom is their freedom.

“The fearless mama journey looks like sprinting to Jesus with all that I have.”

“You can be a fearless mama before you have a baby. You can be a fearless mama before you are pregnant. You can be a fearless mama before you adopt. You can be a fearless mama before you’re married. It is about having enough faith to birth trust + grace.”

“Just when I think I hit the peak of being a ‘fearless mama’ the Lord invites me into a new journey of starting from scratch.”

“Being a fearless mama is so much more than birthing children or going to Liberia to adopt children. It is about being on your knees and trusting God enough to know there is a generation beneath you that you are called to lavish the knowledge and goodness of God on.”

“That will be my story as a fearless mama. That my number one honor in this role will be knocking and contending for the generation beneath me.”

“Your story as a fearless mama has a unique and special fragrance that only your life can give.”

“I believe in these conversations that God is going to speak to you and invite you to trust him a little bit more with more areas of your life.”

“I have never given God an unfulfilled dream and felt like he stomped on it. All He has ever done is take care of me.”

“I’m learning being a fearless mama just means reflecting jesus to the generation beneath me.”

“The fearless mama journey is not just for YOU. It’s a ripple effect and an invitation for others to join you.”