Episode 13- A Journey of Authentic Faith


Episode 12

Co-host: Liberty Fleming

Title: A Journey of Authentic Faith

Episode Summary:

Liberty talks about her journey of coming to her own authentic faith. She unfolds the idea of how real and authentic faith transforms every area of our lives and if we really believe what we say we believe, it will change every area of our lives. Liberty discusses how she has been able to steward things in her life with authenticity and talks about what it’s like to feel called from a young age and the pressure that comes with it.

Episode Notes:

“If I really believe what I say I believe, it has to change the way I live my entire life.”

“When you come to that moment in your faith that you believe what I believe, it is honestly impossible to live as a lukewarm christian at that point.”

“If you genuinely believe Jesus died and rose again, and that the tomb was really empty then that HAS to affect every part of your life.”

“It’s a matter of you either believe the gospel or you don’t”

“Faith is not something you can just put down and pick up over and over again. True faith, that radical, that audacious of a claim, it will authentically impact every area of your life.”

“If I KNOW God, how can my priority not be Him?”

“Emotions and season should not affect whether or not God is a priority. At the end of the day, the stone was still rolled away. So yes, we will go through highs and lows, but that doesn’t change that the tomb was still empty.”

“There is going to be dry seasons, but that doesn’t change that the tomb was empty.”

‘I think the problem comes when we make the roller coaster of emotions our God and our priority.”

“Its okay to recognize emotions and all that comes with it, but we have to organize that He is constant. He is still faithful and He is still good.

“We can’t allow our negative emotions negatively impact our view of Him.”

“Practically praying out loud God I recognize my emotions in this are all over the place. But I thank you that you are constant and steady and I invite you this.”

“I have found a lot of breakthrough in my life in speaking out loud, as the words make the journey from my head to my heart.”

“Feeling called from a young age can come with a pressure.”

“Sometimes we convince ourselves if I am not doing what I know I can do, then I am not living in the fullness of what God has for me. But the reality is that the fullness God has for me is to be known and be loved by him.”

“Then there is the tension of getting the invitation to partner with God with my life.”

“The foundation to an authentic faith is to be known and loved by Him.”

“I am an advocate for dreaming, but the reality is, if Jesus is who he says he is, then that’s what matters- that we are known and loved by Him. Then the bonus and cherry on top is we get to bring that truth to people in whatever area that looks like.”

“Dreaming with God is just a bonus. That’s the secondary thing. Being known and loved by Him is THE THING. ”

“Intimacy with Jesus is the priority. Dreaming with him is the bonus.”

“That moment of action doesn’t come in the way you thought it would. In an instant, Jesus came in and healed that man in a different way than he expected for 38 years.”

“Fearless Faith is giving myself permission to ask questions and being okay with elements with uncertainty.”

“Fearlessly dreaming means stewarding well to what is in front of you and saying yes to opportunities that from the Lord.”

“Dreamers should be hard workers and should show up to meetings on time- we should be putting action to our dreams and words.”

“The formula for fearlessly dreaming is “Letting your yes be yes and your no be no.”

“Let your yes be yes because God invited you into it and because He is providing the grace for it.”

My life motto is wake up early, stay up late, and take naps whenever you can.”

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