Episode 12 - From Consumer to Contributor


Episode 12 (Fearless Mama Podcast Series)

Co-host: Hannah Cusack Cowart

Title: From Consumer to Contributor

Episode Summary:

This is the second episode to our Fearless Mama Podcast Series. In this episode, Hannah expands on the seasons before motherhood and how our lives are never on hold and how God is always inviting us to activate the NOW in our lives. She unpacks the idea nurturing the season you are currently in and the people currently around you. Hannah talks into the power of showing up and having faith to know that the things she shows up for truly does adds value to her life. She talks about the secret to living an un-offended life and how that ties into every season of life that we find ourselves in.

Episode Notes:

“I was always looking for who I could nurture and love in every new season I found myself in.”

“Helping raise my siblings helped me always have a heart for caring for the children of the world.”

“I am not going to just wait to be a mother myself, I am going to look for opportunities to pour into the children around me NOW.”

“One of your greatest commodities when you are single is TIME. And being able to lavish your time on the people around you changes everything.”

“You are called to be a nurturer right now, even if you are not a mom. You will nurture, relationships, friendships and watch how it changes the lives around you.”

“You don’t have to have birthed any children to be a nurturer.”

“The power of showing up takes effort and planning and perhaps will even cost something on my part. But in it, I will trust God that I will not only receive but I will contribute. He is switching me from a consumer to a contributor through showing up and faithfully serving. Especially when it feels inconvenient.”

“I want to be faithful to show up even when it’s not the most exciting thing. Because there is something that longevity and faithfulness will afford us that nothing else really will.”

“Anytime that you see something that is really apparent, it is usually the enemy doing something counterfeit for what God is really doing.”

“God is doing something among his daughters and he is empowering us to be fearless, engaged, and powerful mothers, but not at the expense of not being involved with other things. And he is showing us that we will do all of these things in strength.”

“The secret to not being offended is inviting the moments to be offended to be moments that will humble us. My constant prayer is God, keep my heart soft.”

“We can be offended or we can use it as an opportunity to loving receive correction.”

“Humility feels like humiliation. There is a root word there. When we feel this necessary humility in our life it will feel difficult but it is producing something valuable. And it will come from those key relationships in our lives that have taken the time to correct us.”

“Correction is a beautiful part of nurturing and mothering.”

“Humility is what keeps our hearts soft and what reminds to stay in this place of not being callosed and living offended.”

“I am going to pour myself out to serving.”

“Ten years ago I would have been 25 and I would have told that girl that everything that she needed, she had right then. She wasn’t waiting on anything and that she just needed to press into the season right in front of her.”

“There is nothing lacking and God is so good about the details of our lives.”

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