Episode 11 - Staying True With Influence


Episode 11

Co-host: Kymber Martin

Title: Staying True in Influence

Episode Summary:

Kymber shares what it is like to be in an industry where everyone is telling you who to be and how to look. She has had to come face to face with a lot of insecurities and always being told who she should be and how she should act. Kymber unfolds her healing journey of being addicted to porn from a young age. She unravels how freedom was released in her life and how shame tries to keep us quiet and tries to hush the power of our story. Kymber ends the podcast with a prayer releasing freedom over girls that struggle with shame.

Episode Notes:

“Insecurity is being shoved in your face in this industry and choosing not to let it rob you is something you have to decide on from day one.”

“When it comes to acting, I have wanted to retreat from it, but fully knowing I am called to it.”

“We put this pressure on ourselves we have to look, sound, and act a certain way. And that pressure can be exhausting and unhealthy, so I have had to learn how to take a step back and realize I am a human being and that I get to freely operate as ME, not a character in a film.”

“I’ve learned that being an actress is an invitation to have awareness of what people actually go through, while also always removing the mask and remembering I don’t have to be someone I am not.”

“Being able to step out of my shoes, while always seeing how valuable other people are too is crucial to knowing who you are in this industry.”

“Whenever I “make it”, I am going to choose to throwing it all back at the feet of Jesus; my calling, my savings account, my success. At the end of the day it was always His anyway.”

“Your calling and your destiny is weighty, as it should be. But that’s the whole purpose of it. God would never allow you to feel heaviness to let you be discouraged. It’s a reminder for you to see that your destiny is a big deal.”

“There is a little girl somewhere in the world that is waiting for me to tell my story and my journey. That’s why giving up doesn’t feel like an option.”

“If I only influence one girl, that’s enough.”

“In the last few months I have understood more about the grace on my life than I have seen in my entire life.”

“God just cares about my heart. He cares that I love life and that I am loving Him in the process and that when I fall, I get back up and get to love him again.”

“Your heart is already pure in my eyes.”

“When I started seeing Jesus as my dad and the fact that He just wants to hold me, freedom came upon my life.”

“God ministers to the big dreams AND the small dreams.”

“To me, being fearless screams being vulnerable in ALL areas.”

“I dream of speaking up about porn and releasing freedom over girls who struggle with it but are afraid to talk about it.”

“I deeply struggled with a porn addiction for more than half my life. And I felt so trapped and ashamed and lonely in it.”

“When we are ashamed of something and feel condemnation we get into this ugly cycle. But then when conviction comes into our hearts, we realize we are not satisfied with anything but the love of God and that is when transformation follows.”

“Nobody ever told me when I was a little girl, porn was wrong. And so what I did was stay silent. So what I have to say to any girl addicted to porn, do not stay silent. Speak up.”

“If you tell someone about something you’re struggling with and they dont love you through it, then find someone else to tell. Because real friends will walk you through these battles with you.”

“Once lust enters into your mind, it attacks you everywhere. Anywhere you go, it becomes the forefront of your mind. So its important to take a step back and ask God to give you a new mind. And He will do it, because He is faithful.”

“We are supposed to have excitement and nerves when we step out and do something powerful.”

“There are young girl and older women who have never talked about this before. And the minute a celebrity or influencer talks about it, that is where lives are changed and freedom is released. Which is one of the main hopes as I seek to bring influence in the acting industry.”

“Nothing is wasted with Jesus.”

“This is my story and I am so unashamed”

“I’m human and get to mess up but I don’t have to live in the mindset of a sinner. I’m a saint, and a saint operates with the mind of Heaven.”

“Shame is not your story.”

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