Episode 6- Bringing Balance To Tension


Title: Bringing Balance to the Tension

Co-host: Amie Ahrns

Episode Summary:

Amie embarked on a hope-filled journey towards her purpose and was met with a heart-wrenching disappointment she never saw coming. The vibrant desire she had for her life began to feel fleeting and she quickly found herself in a valley of hopelessness. For months, the weight of disappointment hung over her and she began to question her worth, ability, and passions.

Rejection after rejection left Amie feeling overwhelmed and hopeless. Since others didn’t see her value she partnered with their criticism and resented her childlike optimism. The weight of disappointment and caused Amie to question if she would ever obtain her desires or find the courage to hope again.

After several doors of opportunity closed, Amie was crushed and she began to lose sight of her potential. Soon the rejection from opportunities began to determine her worth as she started to question her value altogether.

After months of striving, God spoke to Amie and said, “You’re right where you're supposed to be. You did not stumble into this season. It is my intention.”

At first, Amie found it difficult to trust God had placed her in her current circumstances intentionally. But regardless of how jaded, frustrated, or disappointed she felt, she listened to his promise and reminded herself of His Words every day. Slowly but surely, Amie began to believe what God had spoken and settled into His rest.

In this place of rest, the Holy Spirit tenderly invited Amie into a deeper place that required her faithfulness to his promise and patience to His timeline. As she began to rest in His simple promise to her, God began to do what only he could do: renew her hope. On this new journey, Amie began to learn how to be more intentional with pursuing her dreams and not allow rejection to determine her worth.

In her new trust and understanding, Amie began to discover how to find a balance in the tension of her life. The Holy Spirit gave her strategy on how to steward her current season with grace and approach new opportunities from a place of rest.

Episode Notes

How do you navigate rejection from jobs where your passions would have been on display?

Living in a place of peace comes more from surrendering to childlike faith than reasoning. Logic will tell you to use your skills and passions to strive for success, but you have to trust God that in rejection, even rejection from the things that appear to be good, you are exactly where you are supposed to be.

How can you bring balance to tension?

You don’t need to know the full picture, but you can rest by stewarding what you have really well (not in a place of striving) and be hopeful that God will open the right doors at the right time. God is faithful to bring His desire for you and when He does, He will put grace behind it.

How can you steward what you have?

  • What do you have to steward?

  • What are the ordinary moments in your day that God wants to mark as holy?

Who is a person in your everyday life that you’ve taken for granted? How can you extravagantly bless or encourage them?

How can you dream without getting caught up in disappointment?

  • Dream from a place of rest.

  • Ask God to talk to you about your dreams.

  • Are your dreams attached to what is in your hands RIGHT NOW?

When you feel stuck in your job, don’t undervalue God’s faithfulness

When you’re serving someone else’s mission, ask God to give you a passion for them and your work for them.

When doors close, trust that He will open the right door at the right time.

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