Episode 9 - Faithfully Dreaming and Fearlessly Doing


Episode 9

Co-host: Katelyn Nix

Title: Faithfully Dreaming and Fearlessly Doing

Episode Summary:

In this episode Katelyn, Fearless Co.’s Chief Storyteller, shares her epic journey of learning to identify Jesus as her soul provider and dreamer. She expands on coming to know His voice through tragedy, new beginnings, burn out, and the ordinary. When Katelyn turned 17 she jumped on a plane and never looked back. Katelyn travels the world doing film, photography, and all things creative. Through these travel opportunities she has been exposed to victories and brokenness. On this episode we hear about Katelyn’s journey of telling stories of God around the world, her business ventures that started when she was 17 years old, and her desire to step into the risky and wild adventures that God invites us into.

Episode Notes:

Age has nothing to do with it, it’s more your willingness to just do it.

God is serious when he calls us to do things and in His kindness he brings people into our path to remind us.

The opportunities are there, it’s just a matter of what you are going to do with it.

We are dreaming with the dream-maker himself. I’m not going to hold back, but I am going to yield when he says yield.

I found freedom from comparison through the power of collaboration.

Sometimes to break out of burn out, you have to just do it. There is a reality of giving yourself rest and then
there’s the reality of knowing when to let it go and get back into it.

Without your camera, without your abilities, without your history, YOU ARE ENOUGH.

My story doesn’t carry much weight if love isn’t the root of it.

The stories of our lives are similar to mountains in the sense that we only see a slice of it, but God is doing much more than what is seen with the eye.

God is designing my story as MY story and if I keep veering into the lanes of others and get distracted by other peoples stories, I will get lost and will not fulfill the call on my life.

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