Episode 8- From Victim to Victory

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Episode 8

Co-host: Jen Barth

Title: From Victim to Victory

Episode Summary:

Jen Barth unpacks the journey of going from a victim mindset to a victorious mindset. For years, she struggled to identify as a free daughter of The King living in complete victory. But through spending time in the presence of the Holy Spirit, God began to radically transform her mind and actions. On this episode, we discuss the real challenge that lies in the journey to a transformed mind, how the divine calling on your life will lead you into deeper and greater experiences with Jesus and with people, and how to overcome identifying as a victim (specially in regards to culture, i.e. #MeToo). This conversation is honest, raw, and at times challenging as there is no 12-step program that can do what God can do. True transformation comes when we surrender our identity and desires to King Jesus- our Redeemer and the mighty Miracle Worker.

Episode Notes:

You can be pitiful or you can be powerful but you cannot be both- being a victim brings glory to yourself- it doesn’t bring glory to God.

When look in broken glass, you can always see rays of light. So I just figured the more brokenness I have is all the more Jesus gets to be big in me.

I wan’t my life to be known for the goodness of God and for me that takes choosing to be fearless everyday.

Going from a victim to victorious in your spirit looks very similar to going from injured to healthy in the physical; When your body is critically injured, you go to the hospital and to be in the presence of doctors; when your spirit is critically injured, you sit in the Presence of God- the truest Healer.

When you’re hurt, it’s really easy to hurt others. But pushing others down pulls everyone down- you included. If we’re all in this together, if we’re all in this same playing field- if we all have an equal gift, of equal value, that the world equally needs- and you’re competing with others and putting them dow- then you’re taking away the heart of God from the world. We’re all on the same team.

If the goodness of God is what your neighbors see, then I want to make sure that I am doing all that I can to make you like a real vision of God’s glory and goodness.

It’s not our responsibility to be a perfect human, but it is your responsibility to to speak truth to others. Declare the victories of Jesus over your life even when you don’t have the ability to live it out in that moment.

Your purpose and destiny are usually on the other side of your fear.

When you find yourself in fear but in obedience to God, you can choose to whether or not you want to show up. There are two options: you can live in regret or you can live in reward.

When you press into your God-designed purpose, fear has to take last place, by the authority of Jesus.

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