Surrendering a Dream, AGAIN

Season 2 Episode 11

Title: Surrendering the Dream, Again

Guest: Ebie Hepworth

Host: Esther Gualtieri

Episode Summary

In this episode you’ll hear from Ebie Hepworth, our Co-founder and Chief Dreamer as she gets honest and vulnerable about what the Lord is doing in her season currently, what He has been speaking, and how she will soon be transitioning out of Fearless Co. From reminiscing about their journey together, what the Lord is speaking, how Esther has been dealing with the transition, and what’s to come for fearless co- come listen to these two pour their hearts out! 

Episode Description

Ebie starts by taking us through what the Lord has been speaking to her the last few months and how she will be transitioning out of Fearless Co. God started speaking to her about pouring into her family in this current season. Her sweet husband sat her down and told her he feels the Lord is doing something in their family and told her he feels that she is supposed to put Fearless Co down. It wasn’t easy for Ebie to hear in that moment, never thinking the Lord would really ask her to leave Fearless Co. One morning in prayer, the Holy Spirit told her “Elizabeth I don’t need anymore powerful ministries right now, I need more present tables”. The Lord was asking her to look up and give her family her full attention. Ebie really thought Fearless Co. was going to be something she would run after forever, but it’s been an invitation for her to have more time and space for her family. The Lord has been teaching her how she’s an apostle, she’s a builder, and she’s learning how to hold things loosely before the Father. Right when it happened, Ebie called Esther, shocking them both that this is what the Lord is asking her to surrender. 

Ebie talks about how often we mistake passion for peace, but we don’t follow passion we follow peace. She is learning how to redefine concepts like ministry, what that looks like, and how He wants to use her passions and gifts. This transition is happening out of a place of full surrender and she is mourning and grieving the transition. 

Esther remembers a moment of asking Ebie if she thought Fearless Co. was a God dream or their dream? These two have been obedient to every little detail that God was calling them to in their personal lives and individual callings. Esther talks about this transition just being God’s dream and how she has been blessed to be a part of it, but also can see clearly what Jesus is doing in Ebie’s life and that’s such a beautiful thing to celebrate. 

Something we all need to hear over and over is that there is no expiration date on our callings and destiny. The Lord has been reminding Ebie that the Lord will continue to be powerful through the hearts in Fearless Co and it will continue to change people’s lives. Esther shares about how she has been in a season of transition herself through moving, relationships, and now the transition of Fearless Co. Any time you get news of something that you don’t understand right away, but someone is sharing what they feel the Lord is asking them to do, you have to trust that Jesus is leading them. There has been such a strong friendship and such honor in their friendship, it felt natural for Esther to come behind Ebie and support her. There were many times she had questions and wanted to ask Ebie, but heard the Holy Spirit tell her to not make her question this decision. She really let Ebie have her space in this, and the Lord starting giving her a lot of vision for Fearless Co. 

Ebie and Esther share some fun memories from their journey together in Fearless Co. They have always prioritized worship and prayer in doing this together which is what has led and sustained! Esther shares a few things that Ebie has taught her, one being that she has watched Ebie be herself so unapologetically which has helped Esther break free from fear of man and self consciousness. Ebie is so free in who she is and it’s changed Esther’s life getting to watch that. Ebie has taught her how to be fully present in the moment, being honest and real. The number one thing she has learned from Ebie is to have faith for the impossible. She has seen her genuine love for people, her authenticity and genuineness throughout her life. This transition speaks volumes about who Ebie is and her heart. Ebie shares that the way Esther has poured into people throughout her life has changed Ebie. People have always taken priority to Esther over anything else. They end the podcast sharing what the next season of Fearless Co will look like and all the new things coming! Stay tuned, exciting things are coming for Fearless Co! 

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