The Fruit of a Prayer-filled Life

Season 2 Episode 10

Title: The Fruit of a Prayer-filled Life

Guest: Kevin Trujillo

Host: Ebie and Zac Hepworth

Episode Description: 

In this episode you’ll hear from Kevin Trujillo, an amazing man of God who really carries the heart of the Father everywhere He goes; from ministry to the business world we will get a look into how Kevin has learned to carry Jesus with Him in every sphere. He will share His passion for prayer, that it is the foundation of our lives, giving us some practical tools to help in our day to day lives making this our priority. Come listen and be encouraged! 

Episode Summary:

Kevin starts the episode sharing his story. Growing up in Colorado, he shares how impactful prayer has been in his life. His mom was a champion of the word, prayer, and of the church. His mom laid a foundation of prayer for him throughout his life. Kevin went to ORU in Oklahoma for college where he came back to the Lord. Getting alone with Jesus became his highest priority. 

Kevin worked for an evangelist after college, where he got to be a part of the american crusade team; planning and networking for a crusade in Oklahoma. It was an amazing season of seeing people introduced to Jesus and His friendship. Kevin always felt a draw to business and to being influential and influencing highly successful people. He’s been in business for over two years now, he’s seen very unique favor and doors have opened that only Jesus could have opened. 

Kevin shares how he transitioned into the workplace and how he has shared the gospel there. He wants to build something that’s long lasting, being the tree that people can eat from and the well they can drink from. God doesn’t need another nice person that does the right thing, God is longing for burning and shining ones. When you see a fire, we are drawn to it. Daniel knew everything about Babylon and their culture, and the Lord used that and brought him influence, being able to influence Kings to impact the entire nation. Kevin often prays “God allow my success to be an open door for you” in his workplace. You can use your influence and success as an open door for the gospel, being light and being love practically. Becoming the onsight pastors is so important in the workplace, open your door when someones coming in, notice when someone’s struggling, become an amazing listener. Whoever your audience is; grocery clerk, your children, wherever you are; we are all called to be faithful witnesses and bring light and love. When people can see you in the face of a storm, in the face of persecution, and you have peace and joy it is truly contagious. Joy is a fruit of the spirit, a transformed life as a believer we should be manifesting joy, from true gratitude of all Jesus has done for us. You can use any job as a place of authority to pray. You really never know how much impact your job, regardless of how it’s viewed through society, that it’s going to have on the people you are serving. Kevin shares that prayer at its simple form, is just communication. It’s sowing a little each day, and you build a history with God that you can pull from throughout your life. Prayer isn’t a means to an end, prayer is the end. Jesus is the end goal, that we would know Him is our great reward. Kevin shares how he reads scripture back to the Lord, turning it into a friendship dialogue. There is a time to contend, a time to sit back and listen, to fast, and  being in a friendship there are all these different avenues of prayer where you get to know Him through. Before we are ever a good mom, dad, son, friend, business owner- we are His delight. The reality of understanding how Jesus feels about us will draw us into the place of prayer, it’s something no one will ever be able to take away from us. One of the most under discussed topics today in his opinion is intimacy with Jesus, the reality that He is a real person, a real man. Kevin ends with emphasizing that this has to be the foundation of our lives, knowing this man, this friend Jesus, who gave it all for us and will be coming back for us. 

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