Episode 5- Showing Up Anyways


Title: Showing Up Anyways

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Summary:

Anjel moved to Idaho on accident; without knowing anything about where she would be going, she bought a one-way ticket in hopes of “starting over.” Just a couple months after moving, she found herself completely overwhelmed with insecurity and brokenness. Knowing that life was about more than her failure, she reluctantly began going to a local Bible study where God began to take her on a journey of healing from the inside out. It was there that she met Ebie.

Fast-forward 6 years and Anjel and Ebie are running after Fearless Co. together. Anjel aims to share the mission of amplifying the voices of God’s daughters with intentionality and vulnerability with her words and tender invitation into honesty.

And after years of being a “Yes Man” and serving others out of a fear of rejection, Anjel is learning how to surrender her life to God with full awareness that He will ignite and equip her for His glory. And when the days feel overwhelming with insecurities, she’s choosing to show up and say “Yes” to God’s invitation.

In this episode, Anjel shares about her newfound Fear of God and her desire to be fully vulnerable with the gifts, strengths, and opportunities that He has given her. In recent years, Anjel has come into a new understanding of herself as a daughter; she aims to pursue a purposeful life in worship and surrender to whatever God is calling her to while being fully aware of her strengths and weaknesses. Some days feel triumphant and some days feel overwhelming, but regardless of her feelings, Anjel does her best to show up to any invitation that God extends.

The weight is real; the honor is real; and, let’s be honest- the struggle- is real. But more than being real, it’s beautiful.

Episode notes:

When life feels unfulfilling, seek your true identity. God will reveal your purpose by exposing your strengths.

God’s purpose for your life does not include the opinion of man being superior to your purpose; His purpose for your life includes finding your identity in Him and surrendering everything else, knowing that He will bring your strengths to the surface and cause them to shine out from your being.

How can you determine your next step in life? Search for striving. Purpose is not discovered in striving but in the peace of knowing and trusting how God has designed you as an individual. You are made intentionally by God for His purpose; your dreams, your personality, your frustrations, your quirks, your strengths- every single thing that you carry is so intentional for what God created you for. Ask God where to go with what He’s given you and your actions will not be made in vain.

When you surrender your life to your purpose in God, you are transformed by His deepest desire for your life. As you trust Him, He will begin to download new joy, creativity, strategy, knowledge, and hope into your life. You will experience more with God then you ever will without Him.

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11 NIV

If you’re struggling to see your value, send out a text asking 10 people what your top three qualities are. Invite trustworthy people to speak to your strengths and then pursue those things. People who know God’s love can help give you a clear perspective of your strengths, especially if you are someone whose strengths are being dimmed or exploited. Once you hear from people who see you the way God sees you, begin to surrender your dreams and desires to God and ask him to lead you in your new identity.

Sometimes, an invitation from God can lead us to obsess over the fear of failure. You don’t have to know the answers, you don’t have to be eloquent and graceful and perfect; just show up. Come to God with open arms and surrender it all; your fears, your worry, your expectations. Say “thank you” for the invitation to a purpose filled life and allow yourself to be unraveled and changed by His gentle majesty.