Episode 3- He’s Switching Your Worry Off


Episode 3- He’s Switching Your Worry Off

Co-host: Jodi Miller

Episode Summary:

Jodi grew up in a Christian home and had a beautiful life, yet she struggled with overcoming fear and anxiety. She often used mind tricks to keep herself functioning, though she constantly felt attacked. Her life story was filled with deception and hypocrisy as she was constantly covering up fears with fantasy instead of trusting God. As a creative thinker, her imagination was vivid and intentionally targeted by the enemy.

One day, in the midst of a severe panic attack, God revealed himself to Jodi in the deepest place of her heartbreak. In an instant, God showed himself to be her perfect peace in the same area that fear tried to claim.

The tragedy of 9/11 struck just a few months later, leaving millions desperate for hope in the midst of horror. It was during that terror that God encountered Jodi and released His glory in a new way- a way that has since become a testimony of freedom from fear.    

Jodi’s story highlights the glory of God as he brought her out of fear and into fearlessness. Her story is saturated with the Goodness of God and invites others to see their own fears and anxiety break off. Her imagination is now sanctified with the love and protection of Jesus. As a wife, mother, and daughter, she now creates a culture of peace for others.

Episode Notes:

Heartbreak Myth for Creatives

You do not have to go through heartbreak, heartache, and trauma to create valuable art. Though, God never wastes anything and can turn a horrible mess into a masterpiece for His glory. He is also so eager to create something beautiful out of tragedy.

Each time we sit down to create anything, perhaps a new strategy for business, a financial algorithm, a piece of art, or a story, we are partnering with the Creator God. As we do this, we are living out our creative call, reliving Genesis 1:1 over and over again, tapping into the potential for life and expression. Though what is set before us may be empty and void, so also the Holy Spirit hovered over the blank canvas of our world, waiting for God to speak so He could create. When you partner with God, you are reliving the testimony of creation because you too, are hovering over the potential of what God is going to allow you to create with him.

Use your imagination for good and don’t partner with the enemy. The enemy wants to take your imagination on a rollercoaster ride, but God says “No! Your imagination is your greatest weapon and it’s meant to be used for me.”

When Jesus declares your identity over you, He exchanges your brokenness for his wholeness. In His wholeness is a skillset of victory found in His word, prayer, worship, and surrender.