Episode 2- The Girl Before The Company


Episode 2: The Girl Before The Company

Co-host: Esther Marie

Episode Summary:

Esther Marie was 23-years-old when she started a nameless blog. The blog became a space where she would share the dreams, passions, and fears of her life. While working as a nanny, Esther was also able to pursue her dream of learning how to surf.

Esther began to realize that God was speaking to her during her surf sessions. Each time she was out on the waves, she would feel the Holy Spirit lead her to deeper parts of her heart; from unsuspecting fears to her most precious dreams, God began to bring vision to freedom in Esther’s life. Soon, He began opening opportunities for dialogue with other girls in the surf community. It was through that community that the mission of Fearless Girl was born.

After four years, Esther began working on her book, Fearless Girl. Months into the process of authoring her second book, she met Ebie Hepworth. After coming up against creative blocks, the Holy Spirit highlighted Ebie to Esther and invited her to ask Ebie about co-writing Fearless Girl with her. It was during the creation of the book that God began to speak to Esther about the next season of Fearless Girl.

Through brave obedience, Esther asked Ebie to take the lead in pioneering this movement. It was an invitation, a sacrifice, and a new season of learning how to trust God, but absolutely worth it. Now, Fearless Girl has transitioned into the beautiful mission that is Fearless Co. The movement is rich, all-inclusive, and is the fruit of surrender, trust, and accepting the invitation of God.

Episode Notes:

A Command vs. An Invitation

When people say, “God told me to do this,” it is important to ask yourself if God told you or if He invited you. When he invites you, it requires a partnership of faith; you and God- together. The ‘yes’ to an invitation with God is a risk and a choice; It will be a commitment and a sacrifice- you are choosing to go where He wants you to go. If you choose not to accept his invitation, He will invite someone else because it is his WILL.

Surrendering Your Investment

“I don’t want to hold down anything from the past in an attempt to control the future.” - Esther Marie

God waits for you in your future. You don’t need to carry the things from your past- the corpses or the victories. God is always ready to do something new. If God wants something that he did 10 years ago to come back around, He’ll do it in a new way!

Overcoming The Fear of Rejection:

“The world rejected God so you could be approved by heaven.” - Ebie Hepworth.

The fear of rejection occurs when we put our value and validation in how someone else sees us. Your identity should be rooted in Heaven’s approval, not man’s. You don’t have to strive. Heaven looks down on you and says you are enough. You are validated by the voice of God an no one else.

Overcoming People-Pleasing:

When you attach value to other people- either in knowing them or in letting them dictate your choices- you are giving them the authority to tell you who you are. You are letting someone else be the final voice of authority in your life. The only voice that should tell you who you are is God’s voice. Humans are not able to assume purpose for each other. That’s not a person’s place of authority and to give them that place would be abuse. When you’ve started people-pleasing, you need a greater revelation who God is. Because when you start looking to someone else to tell you who you are and what you’re worth, you don’t have a revelation of who God is as a father, as your provider, and as your life giver.

In moving forward and overcoming people pleasing, distinguish the people that you’ve let determine your life choices and then set healthy boundaries with honor. Be intentional with your relationships and take inventory of the people that are feeding your soul. You also need to be able to recognize the voice of shame in the choices you make; anytime that you attach your ability and your performance to your worth, that is shame.