Episode 1- What Is Fearless Co.?


Episode 1: What Is Fearless Co.?

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Summary:

Ebie Hepworth is a woman with a vision and relentless heart towards seeing women discover freedom in its most pure sense: through the love of God. She is a devoted woman to every role: wife, mom, daughter, friend, and teacher. She lives to inspire others and makes bold moves towards freedom and the purpose that God has created her for. Fearless Co. is the face of Ebie’s vision from God; she works as the CED- Chief Executive Dreamer and organizes all things FC related.

In this episode, we introduce Fearless Co. (formerly Fearless Girl) in its new form and share the original vision of what God revealed the purpose of Fearless Co. to be. In our first ever podcast, we talk fear; what it is to us, how we overcome it, and how we are learning how to walk in freedom over being held captive by fear.

Episode Notes:

Fearless Co. is a movement of women unhindered by fear. How do you cultivate a movement of women unhindered by fear? Community. The heartbeat of Fearless Co. is to gather women and amplify the voices of daughters of Christ.

Fear is not always jumping off of a mountain because you’re scared, fear can be actually believing that you are capable; fear can be daring to dream big; fear can trusting the purpose that God has designed you for.

How do partner with fearlessness? Two ways: partner with a fearless God and make decisions that produce good fruit.  

How do you practice fearlessness? With prayer, surrender, worship, and discipline.

How do you measure fearlessness? With generosity, kindness, and patience. Acknowledge your moments of courage and discipline- no matter how small; those moments are your orchard of good fruit and it’s important to acknowledge your moments of victory. Choose to be successful in how you think about yourself and how you let yourself follow the dreams that the father’s given you.

Being apart of Fearless Co. means being a woman who loves her family well, being someone who fully embraces the season that you’re in, cultivating a heart of gratitude and patience, and stewarding your time and energy well and with purpose. We aim to share the freedom that fearless women are experiencing and lavish it on people.