Surrendering a Dream, AGAIN

Season 2 Episode 11

Title: Surrendering the Dream, Again

Guest: Ebie Hepworth

Host: Esther Gualtieri

Episode Summary

In this episode you’ll hear from Ebie Hepworth, our Co-founder and Chief Dreamer as she gets honest and vulnerable about what the Lord is doing in her season currently, what He has been speaking, and how she will soon be transitioning out of Fearless Co. From reminiscing about their journey together, what the Lord is speaking, how Esther has been dealing with the transition, and what’s to come for fearless co- come listen to these two pour their hearts out! 

Episode Description

Ebie starts by taking us through what the Lord has been speaking to her the last few months and how she will be transitioning out of Fearless Co. God started speaking to her about pouring into her family in this current season. Her sweet husband sat her down and told her he feels the Lord is doing something in their family and told her he feels that she is supposed to put Fearless Co down. It wasn’t easy for Ebie to hear in that moment, never thinking the Lord would really ask her to leave Fearless Co. One morning in prayer, the Holy Spirit told her “Elizabeth I don’t need anymore powerful ministries right now, I need more present tables”. The Lord was asking her to look up and give her family her full attention. Ebie really thought Fearless Co. was going to be something she would run after forever, but it’s been an invitation for her to have more time and space for her family. The Lord has been teaching her how she’s an apostle, she’s a builder, and she’s learning how to hold things loosely before the Father. Right when it happened, Ebie called Esther, shocking them both that this is what the Lord is asking her to surrender. 

Ebie talks about how often we mistake passion for peace, but we don’t follow passion we follow peace. She is learning how to redefine concepts like ministry, what that looks like, and how He wants to use her passions and gifts. This transition is happening out of a place of full surrender and she is mourning and grieving the transition. 

Esther remembers a moment of asking Ebie if she thought Fearless Co. was a God dream or their dream? These two have been obedient to every little detail that God was calling them to in their personal lives and individual callings. Esther talks about this transition just being God’s dream and how she has been blessed to be a part of it, but also can see clearly what Jesus is doing in Ebie’s life and that’s such a beautiful thing to celebrate. 

Something we all need to hear over and over is that there is no expiration date on our callings and destiny. The Lord has been reminding Ebie that the Lord will continue to be powerful through the hearts in Fearless Co and it will continue to change people’s lives. Esther shares about how she has been in a season of transition herself through moving, relationships, and now the transition of Fearless Co. Any time you get news of something that you don’t understand right away, but someone is sharing what they feel the Lord is asking them to do, you have to trust that Jesus is leading them. There has been such a strong friendship and such honor in their friendship, it felt natural for Esther to come behind Ebie and support her. There were many times she had questions and wanted to ask Ebie, but heard the Holy Spirit tell her to not make her question this decision. She really let Ebie have her space in this, and the Lord starting giving her a lot of vision for Fearless Co. 

Ebie and Esther share some fun memories from their journey together in Fearless Co. They have always prioritized worship and prayer in doing this together which is what has led and sustained! Esther shares a few things that Ebie has taught her, one being that she has watched Ebie be herself so unapologetically which has helped Esther break free from fear of man and self consciousness. Ebie is so free in who she is and it’s changed Esther’s life getting to watch that. Ebie has taught her how to be fully present in the moment, being honest and real. The number one thing she has learned from Ebie is to have faith for the impossible. She has seen her genuine love for people, her authenticity and genuineness throughout her life. This transition speaks volumes about who Ebie is and her heart. Ebie shares that the way Esther has poured into people throughout her life has changed Ebie. People have always taken priority to Esther over anything else. They end the podcast sharing what the next season of Fearless Co will look like and all the new things coming! Stay tuned, exciting things are coming for Fearless Co! 

The Fruit of a Prayer-filled Life

Season 2 Episode 10

Title: The Fruit of a Prayer-filled Life

Guest: Kevin Trujillo

Host: Ebie and Zac Hepworth

Episode Description: 

In this episode you’ll hear from Kevin Trujillo, an amazing man of God who really carries the heart of the Father everywhere He goes; from ministry to the business world we will get a look into how Kevin has learned to carry Jesus with Him in every sphere. He will share His passion for prayer, that it is the foundation of our lives, giving us some practical tools to help in our day to day lives making this our priority. Come listen and be encouraged! 

Episode Summary:

Kevin starts the episode sharing his story. Growing up in Colorado, he shares how impactful prayer has been in his life. His mom was a champion of the word, prayer, and of the church. His mom laid a foundation of prayer for him throughout his life. Kevin went to ORU in Oklahoma for college where he came back to the Lord. Getting alone with Jesus became his highest priority. 

Kevin worked for an evangelist after college, where he got to be a part of the american crusade team; planning and networking for a crusade in Oklahoma. It was an amazing season of seeing people introduced to Jesus and His friendship. Kevin always felt a draw to business and to being influential and influencing highly successful people. He’s been in business for over two years now, he’s seen very unique favor and doors have opened that only Jesus could have opened. 

Kevin shares how he transitioned into the workplace and how he has shared the gospel there. He wants to build something that’s long lasting, being the tree that people can eat from and the well they can drink from. God doesn’t need another nice person that does the right thing, God is longing for burning and shining ones. When you see a fire, we are drawn to it. Daniel knew everything about Babylon and their culture, and the Lord used that and brought him influence, being able to influence Kings to impact the entire nation. Kevin often prays “God allow my success to be an open door for you” in his workplace. You can use your influence and success as an open door for the gospel, being light and being love practically. Becoming the onsight pastors is so important in the workplace, open your door when someones coming in, notice when someone’s struggling, become an amazing listener. Whoever your audience is; grocery clerk, your children, wherever you are; we are all called to be faithful witnesses and bring light and love. When people can see you in the face of a storm, in the face of persecution, and you have peace and joy it is truly contagious. Joy is a fruit of the spirit, a transformed life as a believer we should be manifesting joy, from true gratitude of all Jesus has done for us. You can use any job as a place of authority to pray. You really never know how much impact your job, regardless of how it’s viewed through society, that it’s going to have on the people you are serving. Kevin shares that prayer at its simple form, is just communication. It’s sowing a little each day, and you build a history with God that you can pull from throughout your life. Prayer isn’t a means to an end, prayer is the end. Jesus is the end goal, that we would know Him is our great reward. Kevin shares how he reads scripture back to the Lord, turning it into a friendship dialogue. There is a time to contend, a time to sit back and listen, to fast, and  being in a friendship there are all these different avenues of prayer where you get to know Him through. Before we are ever a good mom, dad, son, friend, business owner- we are His delight. The reality of understanding how Jesus feels about us will draw us into the place of prayer, it’s something no one will ever be able to take away from us. One of the most under discussed topics today in his opinion is intimacy with Jesus, the reality that He is a real person, a real man. Kevin ends with emphasizing that this has to be the foundation of our lives, knowing this man, this friend Jesus, who gave it all for us and will be coming back for us. 

Re-defining Dating: Be pursued


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“You gotta be kidding me! Everything you just said... Is my favorite thing to do... EVERY DAY!”

🤣Ever have one of those moments with a friend? That is exactly how we felt in this episode with our guest, Greg Burgess who shares some honest and transparent thoughts on redefining dating.

Our quotable take away? “Define who you are in the shadows and don’t be afraid to bring that worth into the light.”

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Wisdom for Navigating Conflict in Your Marriage & Family


Conflicts in our marriages, families or relationships can often leave us feeling hopeless and defeated. In this podcast Lynn Briggs shares practical strategies on how to resolve conflicts in our day to day life. It may be normal to engage with conflict, but responding out of our emotions should not be our norm. Lynn shares how to partner with the Holy Spirit and listen for his gentle guidance as we face conflict, learn how to gracefully navigate the challenges and grow in our relationships.

If you’ve ever been in a heated moment, ready to explode and boiling with offense, (which we all have) this podcast is for you! We loved having Lynn share with us and hope you feel empowered to lead with grace in your marriage, family and relationships.

Re-defining Dating: A Season of Adventure


All my single ladies put yo hands up! This episode is for you! Don’t worry, this is not a ‘how to’ on winning the guy with just one look or finding contentment in singleness by learning how to bake homemade bread and crocheting potholders...borringgg! Our guest Lisa Maracine breaks down myths and lies women believe about singleness as she shares her personal story of living out the adventure of the season and her own journey of finding love.  

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The In Between

Season 2 Episode 5

Title: The In Between

Guest: Briauna Hoyt

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth


Episode Description:

In this episode we hear from Briauna Hoyt, a woman of many gifts. We unpack the process of picking up your life and moving it across the ocean to pursue a dream of grad school. Bri talks about the different challenges that come with obedience and shares about her current season of "The In Between." She talks about the adjustment from a wild season to a restful season and all that comes with it. 


Episode Summary:


Briauna has had an organization the past ten years called Two Cents Project, whose mission is to love the poor well, both the United States and Internationally. The last few years the Lord has asked her to lay it down and work in the marketplace.This last year she went to Grad School in London and got her Masters Degree recently. Bri lived in London for the last year completing her masters degree. She talks about how important it is to surround ourselves with vision that’s greater than our own. When she got accepted she realized that the Lord really does keep a jar of all of our dreams, all of our tears, all of our hopes, and they never expire. 


She packed up her bags, quit her job, moved across the world, and left all she knew as familiar to start this program. For Bri, courage and bravery have always been two things the Lord has dealt with her. A lot of little moments have led up to that moment, this decision was very sacrificial and costly. She knew she was saying yes to so much more when she said yes. You have to know your why and what he’s saying and what he’s doing in this season. She knew if He was opening this door that she wanted to walk through it. God gave her the grace to do it, although tough, absolutely worth it. 


How were you able to have influence in that sphere, being sold out on the gospel and the faithfulness of Jesus? In this quest for purpose and calling, so often we forget that our calling often starts with what were naturally gifted at, what’s on our hearts, what were interested in. Bri feels called to influence the influencers, in some seasons that’s been missionaries and some its been business leaders or entrepreneurs. It’s just being obedient to that season and this season was a season of influencing the influencers. For Bri, she had a mentor that told her to focus in this year on building relationships with people in the room, think about the magnitude at being at one of the top schools in the world -- imagine what God could do with that down the road with those relationships she built. She remembers the first day of school the Lord telling her she would be a listener this year. She learned so much through this, sitting back and hearing from people she learned how important it is to hear where people are coming from, even if we disagree. Long term she wants to influence these people for the Kingdom and to see Kingdom leaders raised up.


In this season in London, with so much studying, Bri talks about intimacy with the Father. In the midst of a different culture, without her people,  prayer became her lifeline. She found Him to be this professor sitting next to her in every class, giving her answers, being an ever present help. In different seasons, the Holy Spirit reveals Himself in different ways. 


When the Lord plucks you out of comfort, asks you to lay things down, and then takes you different places -- how do you transition with obedience and honor? For Bri, it's about yieldedness. What do you actually believe? Do you actually believe that God's plan for your life is better than your own or are you not willing to give up control? There has been a constant thread throughout her life of building things and laying them down, some things she picks up again and some not. You have to really trust Him, and it’s a process. She has always told the Lord that she wanted a unique story, a story that no one else has. In scripture we see that when he asks people to lay things down, its because He has something far beyond what we can see, so much better. At 18 years old Bri made a promise to the Lord that she didn’t want Him to go to the next person because she wouldn’t be obedient, her heart has always been to give Him her obedience. It’s broken her of control, her independence, her will and control and continues to. She wants to yield to His will because she knows He loves her, His plans are so much bigger and better. This is what builds a history of courage with the Lord. 


How do I know that it’s God calling me to something? Bri looks for different things, different checks and balances that brings about counsel in decisions. One of those is ultimately peace, peace is something that she knows in her spirit man, in her stomach. It’s a burning spirit of peace, you might not feel peace in your mind. It’s also so important to have mentors, to run things by and share what we feel the Lord saying with them. Bri remained consistent in praying for mentors, the Lord taught her to not give up during that. God wants to give us mentors and sometimes we have too high of expectations- it’s so important to realize that mentors are busy, they have their own jobs and families. It’s really about being persistent and humbling yourself. Go where the mentor is, work with their schedule. Proverbs says if you really want wisdom you will search for it like a hidden treasure. Get grit, know that mentors are a valuable part of your life, they open doors that no man can open for you, and pursue them. You will find that the Lord will reward you. The tone that you are requesting something from a mentor is everything, when it’s covered in humility it makes all the difference. The posture we pursue a mentorship in is everything. 


Bri shares about her current season right now, going from a hundred miles a minute to now a slow season of rest. It’s been a season of unwinding, it can be awkward moving so fast to going into a season of rest. Bri knew that the Lord was bringing her back to the secret place. We are made for connection with our Father, if that relationship is not maintained everything else is lacking. She’s in a season of spending significant time with the Lord and processing what’s going on in her heart and her life and those around her. He’s taking her from being a Martha to a Mary, and she’s in the inbetween. Bri is learning so much about rest, the reality of our country is that we do not stop, we are not balanced. She’s realized it’s time to pause, before she jumps into the next big move and opportunity. It’s important to have a time of winter, hibernating, and resting before the spring. We don’t realize that there are consequences to not resting. She’s in a personal season of asking the Lord to weed out imbalance in her life, learning how to prioritize things that are not as comfortable for her, like rest. You cannot pour out what you don’t have. Bri is learning how to not feel guilty for resting, but how to be a leader that has balance in her life and drawing a line in the sand around rest. 

The Joy In Grief

Season 2 Episode 4

Title: The Joy in Grief

Guest: Ebie Hepworth

Co-host: Anjel Murphy

Episode Description:

In this episode we hear from Ebie Hepworth as she unpacks the joy that can be found in the midst of grieving and how it increases our capacity to trust. Ebie opens up about pregnancy loss, what it is like to experience diagnosis after diagnosis, and other hard seasons of life that have invited her to understand the importance of grieving and joy that follows it.


Episode Summary:

Ebie shares about her process with transitions throughout her life. Transition changes throughout the seasons of life, it’s always growing and evolving. For Ebie, the crucial thing to transition well is allowing your heart to grieve. The definition of grief would be to fully mourn the loss of something, relating to transition, even if its beautiful and good (like marriage) there is still a grieving of a season. Transition is often hinged on processing grief well. Grief is a willingness to be quiet and sit with the Father, and prioritize being quiet with Him. People are often afraid of what grief will pull up, but the ability to let your feelings rise to the surface and talk to Jesus about them is how we can handle transition well. 


Grief tends to grow things with more efficiency, more vulnerability and honesty- it becomes a fertilizer to these beautiful things. If you can learn how to fertilize your transition, your joy, your pain, in grieving, we will be surprised at the fruit of that and how much we will trust Him. 


Ebie shares how grief is an invitation to die daily, we have an invitation to trust him with whatever it is- a dream, a hobby, a marriage, a relationship -- theres a joy in giving these things to the Lord. He’s so close in pain and he’s so close in joy. She has often wondered why she has felt Him so closely in the midst of such deep pain and shares how she has experienced his nearness to the brokenhearted and finding Him in the death of things. You have to be willing to die. 


Ebie jumps into how she has handled grief. Her and her husband have walked through many seasons of grief both separately before marriage as well as together in marriage. They’ve learned to not ignore their feelings, to talk about it and honoring their hearts. 

They’ve grieved the diagnosis of their son, Asa. She’s learned how to grieve a diagnosis, with a lens of faith and also being honest and vulnerable with the Lord. Joy is a weapon, and so is grief. 2018 was the hardest year of her life, their marriage went through a lot that year. God is not nervous for us to ask the hard questions. There was a lot of deep heart work he did, grieving a broken marriage and a sick son, grieving her childhood, her professional life and what she thought it would look like, her insecurities, her lack of sleep, all these things she has asked the Lord to come and sit with her in. 

Infertility has also been a five year journey for Ebie and her family. She never thought she would have infertility issues. Diagnosis after diagnosis, she’s learned how to be with God through every doctor appointment, every medication, every diagnosis. She’s learned how to be willing, how to ask God to move, how to invite Him into everything. Last month Ebie had her last fallopian tube removed, right when she thought she had a plan, it was removed. If you don’t process grief with the Father, you’ll look at a situation and say ‘that was taken from me’ but from the vantage point of heaven you’ll say ‘in his kindness he was with me at every moment’. When you have an ongoing ability to process grief with joy and with the lens of faith, you are going to have an increased capacity to be more obedient. With obedience comes favor. What Ebie is learning is that she can process grief healthy with God, but then there’s also a practical part of learning how to process grief with the people that she loves. 


Ebie talks about how grief has affected her transition specifically with pregnancy and pregnancy loss. You have to be able to be real with the pain, its ok to cry and its ok to be hurt. You have to take the time to process. The night before Ebie’s surgery, she went for a drive to the hospital, where the Lord told her he wanted to walk her through all the different times she walked out of the hospital with bad news and then to write vows to Him. He told her this was her battlefield and wanted to show her that in every moment he was victorious. He asked her to write a new vow that she would trust Him with her life. She looked at the battlefield and believed that no matter what happens she would trust him. Trust becomes a reflux in your spirit that you build. 


He is so gentle to talk, to work with you, to show you how big He is. Don’t be afraid to grieve. Get people around you. In times of grief, give her your support and eye contact. Be brave enough to not feel like we can fix it. Joy and grief can be held in the same hand, at the same time. What we often would see as a test He wants us to see as an invitation. Grieving is an invitation to trust him and say ‘can you be here with me’. 


Ebie’s shares how her trust has increased so much throughout this journey. The pain and the trenches, trust has been the only option. Deeper freedom, trust, and faith is the fruit of trusting Him in the deepest places. 


To anyone going through grief: don’t ignore your feelings, but know the word of God triumphs feelings. He’s always inviting us to the Word. Being a woman in the Word has prepared her heart for the year she has had, for the joy and the pain. Do not ignore your feelings, but do not worship them, and know that the word will also trump feelings.

Season 2 Episode 3- Enneagram and Why is Changes Lives

Rachel Brusca

Season 2 Episode 3

Title: Naked + Unmasked- The Enneagram

Guest: Rachel Brusca

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth


Episode Description:

In this Episode we have Rachel Brusca, an Enneagram Coach, unpack knowledge behind this incredible tool. Rachel is passionate about breaking misconceptions that come with the enneagram and shares how embarking on the enneagram journey can help us in our relationships, marriages, workplace, and our personal journey to wholeness. 


Episode Summary:

 Rachel starts to share how she got started with the enneagram and her passion for it. 

She first heard about it in college around seven years ago, and tested as a three then. She started learning how a three approaches their relationship with the Father which really opened her eyes and transformed her prayer life. This set her on a course of discovering and pursuing understanding the enneagram more for the sake of others and helping them. She got certified as a coach, found out she was a 6, and now she is so passionate about helping other people discover what they are and using this tool. 


Rachel has a huge heart for clearing up misconceptions in the enneagram world. She loves it because it’s so fluid, actually highlighting us in any season of life. She talks about how common it is to mistype and how important it is to look at the core fears and core desires and see which one hits true the most. Ultimately we do have our one core type, and there is a process to uncovering that. 


Enneagram means “a nine pointed diagram/a nine sided figure”. It is a personality typing system and has nine types as well as sub-types. You can also have your wings that are your ‘flavors’ and it also shows you what you display in times of stress and what you display in times of growth. 


Rachel goes into talking about how the enneagram has the power to wake you up and get you back on track. The enneagram is made to be a tool not our destination. It will highlight our strengths and our more negative characteristics. It’s an amazing starting point and we need to know where we are starting from! The enneagram test is the starting point but there is a journey to unfold it so much more. The enneagram pulls out and highlights our motivation behind things. Its really difficult to just take the test and come to a conclusion based off of that, it allows for easy mistyping. 


Rachel chats about how the enneagram can really help understand and navigate relationships. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with the Lord and ask him why you respond certain ways, and give him space to show you. When you are confident in your number around someone else who knows their number, it allows your relationship to grow immensely, especially through conflict. It gives us understanding for peoples core fears and why people respond the way they do. It has allowed Rachel and her fiance to understand so much and also avoid certain things in conflict. Ebie shares about how the enneagram has helped her navigate conflict with her husband and her closest friends. It has also given her language for how to communicate with the people in her life, realizing how she speaks in that moment will navigate a conversation so well. 


The enneagram is such an amazing tool for both conflict as well as encouragement. It has the power to change a relationship and an environment, which is so powerful. It gives you some conversation points with your friends to have that you might not have known you needed.


Rachel goes into talking about how the enneagram points us back to Jesus and relates to the gospel. The enneagram has really given her insight on how to encourage those close to her and the giftings they have. We all approach the Father differently, and it was realizing how she approaches Him that really helped her see she wasn’t coming to Him open hearted, without anything in front of her or unmasking. It led her to ask, “How can I unmask myself and approach Jesus as her full self?”


Rachel then digs into each number of the enneagram for us: 

1- Reformer: our true and right people, they see the world in “what can be better” which is beautiful and can also be really difficult/can come off as micromanaging. Have a fear of being bad, corrupt. Desire is balance, integrity, and stability. 

2- Helper: Superpower of being able to know what people need without them telling you. They want to help and focus so much on helping people around them which then forget about themselves and caring for themselves. Their core desire is to feel loved and wanted. They are constantly giving, but also need love for themselves. 

3- Achiever/Performer: Fear of failure, being incapable, not doing enough. Desire to feel valuable and worthwhile by being themselves. The ones that get things done, our motivators. 

4- Individualist: Desire authenticity in situations, don’t love small talk, they want things to feel genuine. They also want to find their unique significance. 

5- Investigative thinker: Introverts of the enneagram, battery each day with a certain amount of energy. Need a lot of rejoicing time, time alone to regain energy to go back out and give to those around them. Need their space. 

6- Loyalist: Fear of fear itself, anxiety can be a struggle. Need to feel supported, likes guidance and security. Love to hear that they are safe and secure. 

7- Enthusiast: They are never fully satisfied, core desire is to feel content and their search for that looks like the ones that are constantly doing and having fun, being spontaneous. Often avoid emotional pain and fear of being criticized. Usually very fun! 

8- Protective Challenger: They embody strength. They’re out to protect themselves, great voice for the voiceless. 

9- Peaceful mediator: Fear conflict and being unimportant. Loves to hear that they are seen and they matter, they are needed. Desire an inner stability, peace of mind. 



Enneagram Institute has a great free and paid for test, that is a great starting point. You could start with your top three numbers and research those. 



“Road Back to You” by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile



The liturgist episode 37 


If you’d like to find Rachel! 

“Your Greenhouse Coach” 

IG: @rachel_brusca



She is available for coaching, to help discover your number or diving deeper into the number you know you are, leading to ultimate transformation!