Season 3 Episode 3- Enneagram and Why is Changes Lives

Rachel Brusca

Season 2 Episode 3

Title: Naked + Unmasked- The Enneagram

Guest: Rachel Brusca

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth


Episode Description:

In this Episode we have Rachel Brusca, an Enneagram Coach, unpack knowledge behind this incredible tool. Rachel is passionate about breaking misconceptions that come with the enneagram and shares how embarking on the enneagram journey can help us in our relationships, marriages, workplace, and our personal journey to wholeness. 


Episode Summary:

 Rachel starts to share how she got started with the enneagram and her passion for it. 

She first heard about it in college around seven years ago, and tested as a three then. She started learning how a three approaches their relationship with the Father which really opened her eyes and transformed her prayer life. This set her on a course of discovering and pursuing understanding the enneagram more for the sake of others and helping them. She got certified as a coach, found out she was a 6, and now she is so passionate about helping other people discover what they are and using this tool. 


Rachel has a huge heart for clearing up misconceptions in the enneagram world. She loves it because it’s so fluid, actually highlighting us in any season of life. She talks about how common it is to mistype and how important it is to look at the core fears and core desires and see which one hits true the most. Ultimately we do have our one core type, and there is a process to uncovering that. 


Enneagram means “a nine pointed diagram/a nine sided figure”. It is a personality typing system and has nine types as well as sub-types. You can also have your wings that are your ‘flavors’ and it also shows you what you display in times of stress and what you display in times of growth. 


Rachel goes into talking about how the enneagram has the power to wake you up and get you back on track. The enneagram is made to be a tool not our destination. It will highlight our strengths and our more negative characteristics. It’s an amazing starting point and we need to know where we are starting from! The enneagram test is the starting point but there is a journey to unfold it so much more. The enneagram pulls out and highlights our motivation behind things. Its really difficult to just take the test and come to a conclusion based off of that, it allows for easy mistyping. 


Rachel chats about how the enneagram can really help understand and navigate relationships. It’s an opportunity for you to connect with the Lord and ask him why you respond certain ways, and give him space to show you. When you are confident in your number around someone else who knows their number, it allows your relationship to grow immensely, especially through conflict. It gives us understanding for peoples core fears and why people respond the way they do. It has allowed Rachel and her fiance to understand so much and also avoid certain things in conflict. Ebie shares about how the enneagram has helped her navigate conflict with her husband and her closest friends. It has also given her language for how to communicate with the people in her life, realizing how she speaks in that moment will navigate a conversation so well. 


The enneagram is such an amazing tool for both conflict as well as encouragement. It has the power to change a relationship and an environment, which is so powerful. It gives you some conversation points with your friends to have that you might not have known you needed.


Rachel goes into talking about how the enneagram points us back to Jesus and relates to the gospel. The enneagram has really given her insight on how to encourage those close to her and the giftings they have. We all approach the Father differently, and it was realizing how she approaches Him that really helped her see she wasn’t coming to Him open hearted, without anything in front of her or unmasking. It led her to ask, “How can I unmask myself and approach Jesus as her full self?”


Rachel then digs into each number of the enneagram for us: 

1- Reformer: our true and right people, they see the world in “what can be better” which is beautiful and can also be really difficult/can come off as micromanaging. Have a fear of being bad, corrupt. Desire is balance, integrity, and stability. 

2- Helper: Superpower of being able to know what people need without them telling you. They want to help and focus so much on helping people around them which then forget about themselves and caring for themselves. Their core desire is to feel loved and wanted. They are constantly giving, but also need love for themselves. 

3- Achiever/Performer: Fear of failure, being incapable, not doing enough. Desire to feel valuable and worthwhile by being themselves. The ones that get things done, our motivators. 

4- Individualist: Desire authenticity in situations, don’t love small talk, they want things to feel genuine. They also want to find their unique significance. 

5- Investigative thinker: Introverts of the enneagram, battery each day with a certain amount of energy. Need a lot of rejoicing time, time alone to regain energy to go back out and give to those around them. Need their space. 

6- Loyalist: Fear of fear itself, anxiety can be a struggle. Need to feel supported, likes guidance and security. Love to hear that they are safe and secure. 

7- Enthusiast: They are never fully satisfied, core desire is to feel content and their search for that looks like the ones that are constantly doing and having fun, being spontaneous. Often avoid emotional pain and fear of being criticized. Usually very fun! 

8- Protective Challenger: They embody strength. They’re out to protect themselves, great voice for the voiceless. 

9- Peaceful mediator: Fear conflict and being unimportant. Loves to hear that they are seen and they matter, they are needed. Desire an inner stability, peace of mind. 



Enneagram Institute has a great free and paid for test, that is a great starting point. You could start with your top three numbers and research those. 



“Road Back to You” by Ian Morgan Cron and Suzanne Stabile



The liturgist episode 37 


If you’d like to find Rachel! 

“Your Greenhouse Coach” 

IG: @rachel_brusca



She is available for coaching, to help discover your number or diving deeper into the number you know you are, leading to ultimate transformation!

Season 2 Episode 2- Trimming the Fat

Season 2 Episode 2

Title: Trimming the Fat

Guest: Anjel Murphy

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth


Episode Description:

This summer Anjel shares about an opportunity she had this summer to interview 10 people in different spheres of influence but little did she know that one of these interviews would inspire her to quit 3 of her jobs and transition into a dream job that she had written off for years. She unpacks the last few years of being hunkered down by tasks and fueled by making money. She shares the journey of “trimming the fat” these last few months and all that she has learned in the process.


Episode Summary:

“I’m going to be honest, I have always seen myself as extraordinary and assumed I was too good for a ‘common’ job.”


“What I heard when this guy told me that they had no doubt that I would be successful what I heard was “You’re going to be successful in finding peace, joy, and rest.”


“For the first time in 2 years, I feel like I am resetting.”


“What is scary is that I am really good at grinding but I know grinding is not a sustainable environment for peace.”


“For too long, fear drove every single move that I made.”


“I’m a firm believer you should try new things and say yes, but I am also a firm believer in creating boundaries and making those decisions for new opportunities from a place of rest.” 


“I started the process of trimming the fat in my work life and it came down to choosing wholeness and hope versus fear and grinding?”



“What has saying yes to all of these jobs brought me? It brought me money but it has taken everything else.”

“Did I pursue all of these jobs at the expense of being able to have a family? Just that thought was really terrifying to me.”

“I had pursue money in exchange for what God told me I would be, which was a mom. And I felt guilty for that.”


“Me being a slave to fear came with a lot of external  reward. It came with a lot of money and stuff I could show off but it took my deepest desire, and that was to be a mom.”

“Since I have walked away from striving and serving fear, I feel my health has become a priority. Spiritual health, physical health, health overall.”

“The art of slowing down is not an easy thing and is not always fun but is always worth it.”

“I see a lot of this previous season of my life like that part in Finding Nemo when  he says to his son “You think you can do these things Nemo but you just can’t.” 

“For a long time, revenge is what fueled me. And the scary part is revenge can be really powerful ”

“Being fueled by revenge is being fueled by a big ego.”

“It all comes back to Identity.”

“It’s not a matter of where you go, it is a matter of being with the Father in it.”

“My nature is to run, and thankfully my husband is not.”

“My husband has really been an anchor in the crazy transition season.” 

“Transition will  always unhealthy when you don’t know your identity.”

Season 2 Episode 1- Surrender in The Hand Off

Season 2 Episode 1

Title: Surrender in the Hand Off

Guest- Esther Gualteri

Co-host: Ebie Hepworth

Episode Description:

In this episode you’ll be hearing from the Co-Founder of Fearless Co., Esther. Esther unpacks the concept of transition, and how to do it with honor and surrender. Esther shares how the last decade of her life has been a series of transitions and the different treasures she has found along the way. 

Episode Summary:

Esther dives into her story, how she was raised in the Church and knew at a young age that she was called to ministry, specifically called to pour into young women. Esther went to Bible college and pursued full time ministry that led her to California to be a part of the A21 campaign. She worked on the personal end and helped nanny which transformed her season. When she was living in California the Lord gave her the vision for her first ministry. She had published a book and had many dreams stirring in her heart for young women.  She was connecting with young surfers and saw a deep need for wholeness, community, and connection in these women. It naturally turned into a beautiful community of women they called Fearless Girls, which helped many girls through many seasons, transition, and created community that was desperately needed and longed for. Some of these women didn’t know Jesus yet, she saw how the Lord used surfing to bring them together that gave her the opportunity to show these women the love of Jesus. Esther could feel the weight of what the Lord was calling her into through this season. Her vision was beautiful and big, and she always knew that she was ready when the Lord would call her. 

Her and Ebie connected soon after this and began to write the Fearless Girl book, filming a course, and creating an organization that would continue to reach many women. Esther recently finished school and was giving Ebie the reigns to continue with Fearless Co and rebrand it. 

It was a beautiful season of surrender for Esther to see how Jesus has used that. She talks about amazing it has been to see the testimonies, the community and team that has come out of that surrender.  In this last year and a half Fearless Co has been re-birthed, it has a new look, sound, expression and sense of community. It has broadened the spectrum for women to find a place of belonging. 

These last two years Esther has been stripped of her source of identity being productive and working so hard, she has really found her place of knowing who she is and who her Father is. She talks about how the goal to a happy life is staying in the sweet space of daughter-ship with Him. She is currently in transition of stepping into Fearless Co full-time and is so excited. Esther is currently in Florida and waiting to see where the Lord will call her next.

In this episode Esther shares her heart on how to transition into new seasons well, treasures she has found along the way in the various roles she has had the honor of serving in, and the importance of loving people well along the way.

Episode 21- Summer Send-Off

Episode 21: A Summer Send-Off

Co- Hosts: Katelyn Nix + Ebie Hepworth


In this short episode we review how the first season of Fearless Talk went and the hopes our team has as we step into summer. Fearless Talk will be taking the summer off to focus on time with family, rest, and pray into the next season of Fearless Talk that will resume in the fall. We unfold how to be kind to our bodies as we approach summer, how to be generous with our resources, time, and money, and how this summer we hope to be the best listeners we have ever been.

Fearless Co. is hosting our first gathering in Boise, ID on June 29th from 9-3 and we hope you can make it. This small and intimate gathering will be focusing on intimacy and prayer. It is a time to gather around the table, share a meal together, and press into the heart of the Father as we all pursue a free and whole life. We hope you can join us!

Episode 20- A Praying Mother


Episode 20: A Praying Mother

Co- Hosts: Pam Buller


This is the third episode of ‘Fearless Mama’ series. Pam Buller, a mother of 9, has redefined the role of mother with her undying love for her children. After she and her husband moved to Liberia, Africa to pursue their family like never before, Pam discovered a new responsibility in her motherhood.

Motherhood is a sacrifice, responsibility, and an honor spent on your eyes in total surrender to God. And while life’s circumstances might feel overwhelming, we have the opportunity to mother with Holy Spirit has our closest partner. As mothers, the sacrifice requires so much of our strength and energy- strength and energy that sometimes we don’t believe we have. But with the Holy Spirit, we can cling to what he know to be ours; we can cling to peace, strategy, joy, hope, and comfort.

There is so much pressure to be the perfect mother, but so much of that is a distraction. Really, we just have to obey Jesus. Our obedience is the one ingredient that we can offer Jesus in our lifetime; we will fail- day after day- but when we obey Jesus, we are choosing to partner with Heaven rather than partner with our ways.

Obedience is what allows to step into our purpose. Without obedience, we live the life we believe we deserve. But when we are obedient, and we submit to Jesus- that is where we see miracles happen.

Episode 19 - Brave Communication in Friendship

Co-Host: Ally Smith


Friendship with a mindset of wholeness.

Lasting friendships require a willingness to go deeper- even when it’s not fun. Inviting realness and authenticity into your friendship allows deep roots to grow.

The main distinction between a “polite friendship” and a “deep friendship” is competition. If you are truly in someone’s corner, and you are showing up to the friendship with a desire to see Kingdom come in that person and in that friendship, your friendship will have lasting roots of authenticity and respect. And unless you have surrendered every bit of personal gain to God, the competition will try to find a way into your friendship. Just a little spark of competition can poison an entire friendship.

At any point, you could choose to be jealous and competitive within a friendship. Or, you could choose to see the gold in your friend the same way God sees it. When you see your friendship as beloved, you are cultivating freedom, depth, and a relationship unlike anything else in this world. Furthermore, God will bless you with the gift of truly seeing his goodness unfold in something and someone so close to you.

Authentic friendship is worthy of healthy and hard conversations. Pursuing clarity- especially when it’s hard and especially when it sucks- is one of the biggest responsibilities in authentic friendship. The world may tell you that your friendship will end if a confrontation happens, but if you truly invite God into disconnect and ask that he would cultivate trust and honor in your friendship, confrontation can make the friendship stronger than before.

It is so important to honor your friends. Many times, it can be difficult for a single girl to have a genuine friendship with a single guy- and vice versa. The way to maintain a healthy friendship without crossing boundaries is to simply honor that person for who they are. Don’t let your emotions or your mind get ahead of you- don’t allow yourself to fantasize about them- don’t make them apart of a false narrative. That is not honor- that is manipulation.  

If you develop feelings for a friend, it’s so important to be brave and share how you feel. And if the feelings are not reciprocated, know that the rejection is an invitation to wholeness rather than emptiness. You can ask God to show you more of yourself through rejection and you can also walk in empowerment knowing that you were brave and pursued clarity with honor.

Episode 18- Waiting Well


Co-Host: Shelley Jones


Singleness is not a disease, it’s an invitation. There are social stigmas and pressures for women to get married at a certain age, and if you don’t, you’ll be outcasted. That is a lie and nothing more. You are not less than. You are not disease-ridden. You are not unable to do God’s will. God will break down those lies if you press into His character.

You have to press into the invitation of God’s character to the point where it is accessing the walls and the fears of your heart. Let the Holy Spirit come in and heal those areas. Watch as pure hope begins to manifest in the areas previously occupied by hopelessness. And waiting doesn’t mean sitting back and twiddling your thumbs; waiting doesn’t mean resentfully sitting back and letting bitterness grow as time passes by; waiting for means pursuing Jesus and His heart for you.

Many times, when we are in a season of waiting, people will attempt to inspire and encourage us with optimism. They’ll say things like “It’ll happen!” Or “God told me you’d be married soon.” And when seasons of opportunity come and go without a hope fulfilled, it can leave you feeling more hopeless than before.

As someone receiving that well-intended optimism, it’s important to guard your heart so that you don’t grow bitter with reality if the season passes without the outcome you desired.

How can you combat hope deferred? You combat hope deferred with Hope. And who is Hope? Hope is Jesus. Don’t give up hope. It’s the most simple but most difficult thing to do during seasons of waiting. Hope forces you to say “God, You’re able. I put my trust in You.”

Practically, that looks like surrounding yourself with a community who will speak life into you and your purpose and learning the character of God. Reading The Gospels allows us to learn the character of Jesus; Jesus introduces us to the heart of The Father; The Father introduces us to His Spirit. And it’s in that place of identity that He reveals your most sincere worth.

When you find your emotions and feelings not coinciding with the freedom and hope of glory, you need to check your perspective. Pull back on glorifying your expectations and your limited reality to ask God for His eternal perspective. Without His eternal perspective- and with a tunnel-visioned perspective of your own reality- you are blind to the rest of the picture. Zoom out and let yourself see reality from Heaven.

An eternal perspective says, “You were born for such a time as this- there is no qualifier other than that you were born. You are born, you are alive again in Christ, and you have a purpose that is more than just what you are waiting for.”

Practice Gratitude. If you start to practice gratitude from the smallest to the grandest of things, hopelessness will be eradicated.

A constant temptation during a season of waiting it settling. Settling is a way of self-soothing. But keep your eyes on the eternal perspective. God wants to work the fruit of the spirit into your season of waiting so that when the season of fulfillment comes, His spirit and His way is your first response. Settling looks satisfying in the moment, but it’s not lasting and will hurt more than help.

When you’re in tune with the Holy Spirit, you’ll be able to recognize- and choose- between the settling and the promise. Know yourself and know your worth. If you don’t see yourself as worthy, then you are ignoring the fact that you are His child, that He has a plan for you, and that His plan is better than you could ever ask, dream or imagine- and that He’s the perfecter of life and our faith.

Episode 17- Invitation To A Great Marriage

Co-host: Zac Hepworth

Episode Description:

This episode features the first of many Fearless Co. men, Zac Hepworth. After unpacking Ebie’s perspective of marriage in Episode 16, Zac shared his perspective. You’ll notice very quickly that Zac’s perspective- while different from Ebie’s- required much of the same surrendering to Jesus with a common goal of unity and victory. This episode is full of a rich perspective that proclaims God’s purpose and plans for marriage over the very real temptations of selfishness. Through recognizing one’s humanity and God’s perfect plan for covenant, Zac shares marriage from his perspective.

Episode Summary:

 Marriage is a journey of unity; through rough waters and stillness; moments of transparency and depth and moments of chaos and fear- navigating uncharted waters seems daunting but is fully worth your pursuit.

Marriage is a beautiful and difficult process; you’re welcomed to discover the best version of yourself but you also find yourself up against moments where the worst version of yourself is tempted to come out.

During the discovery parts of marriage- the parts where you realize that you are not all perfect- you may struggle to be around your spouse. Rather than feeling safe, you begin to feel exposed and vulnerable. It’s okay to stumble through that season, as long as you know that you are in it together.

 When it comes to dreams and finding trust with your partner, it will likely require something different from a man than it will a woman. For example, you may be an excited dreamer with wild plans to see Kingdom come. You partner’s encouragement and support of that may look very different from snowballing ideas- it may look like questions and planning and investigating. Make intentional space to their ways of support and dreaming and invite their ways of encouragement in and watch as you both go further together.

 Disagreement within marriage does not mean that your partner is against you. Your partner is their own person- they have opinions and questions and dreams and desires. When there is a disagreement- or there is distance- humble yourself and extend a hand towards unity instead of believing that they are against you.

Marriage is a servant love. It will confront your selfishness and your own desires. And when you extend grace in the way that you need to show grace, there is room for a deep and safe friendship to grow.

 While marriage is a covenant between God, you, and your spouse, it can be strengthened by a trusted and honest community. Life will get difficult, but with the protection of a trusted community, you’ll discover that they had the insight to see things coming that you never anticipated- and they will be willing to take the hit so you don’t have to.

It is so beautiful to recognize that your covenant is made up of pillars; pillars of people, pillars of faith, pillars of your unique marriage’s purpose. The pillars of your marriage give you a framework for your purpose and direction and identity.